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The Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles


Understanding the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is essential for being able to successfully apply them to upsets that arise in your life. In order to have the experience of a constant state of peace, no pockets of guilt can be withheld. In the following five-minute video, David shares the importance of being uncompromising in this endeavor of applying the metaphysics of ACIM to everything.

After watching the above video, click on any of the subjects below to visit our Q&A directory, located on the Living Miracles center website, an invaluable resource for finding the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles.

Spiritual Answers to Modern-Day Problems:
Understanding the Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles

Question and Answer resource

Click on any of the topics below for a list of questions and answers and additional resources within our Q&A directory regarding the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles. You can also click the Q&A image above to explore this section of the Q&A directory in general.

ACIM and other teachings, interpretations

ACIM general questions and answers

ACIM terms, passages, and sections

Authority Problem


Cause and Effect

Judgment, Last Judgment

Level Confusion


Manifestation, Desire, Power of Thought

Mind (i.e. Right-Mind, Wrong-Mind, Split-Mind)


Perception and Projection

Real World, Happy Dream


Sacrifice and Renunciation

Science, Quantum Physics

Separation, Sin, Guilt, Fear



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